Friday, January 23, 2015

CookieSpy 6.0: added support for Maxthon Nitro and bug fixes

CookieSpy 6.0 is now supports Maxthon Nitro browser. Nitro is another web browser from Mathon. The developers of Maxthon Nitro state it to be the fastest PC browser in the world. With help of CookieSpy 6.0 You are able to view/edit/delete cookies for this web browser. Since Nitro itself do not have tools to manage cookies (it is possible to clean all cookies only) so CookieSpy 6.0 is the only tool to do this sort of things.


There were fixed several defects for Internet Explorer web browser.

Please download the latest build of CookieSpy and keep the feedback coming.

1 comment:

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